Everything was relevant and current. I felt the whole workshop was engaging and meaningful. The students got to learn about early societies in all different types of learning styles. I personally thought it was a fantastic workshop!

Jodi Firestone
North Prep P.S.
The Early Societies presentation you have created is fabulous. The hands on activities are engaging and relevant. Loved the empire building idea and checking in on the student knowledge.

The battle was great! The presentation was great! The presenters Tracy and Dwayne were fabulous and kept the students interest and engaged! Highly recommend this program!

Kathryn Bacvar
Heather Heights Jr. P.S.
The YMCA Day Camps have been booking these workshops at multiple locations for the past 2 summers, and we have always been completely satisfied with the quality and educational programming that Dwayne and his team has brought along with to each and every visit.

The programming is inclusive for everyone involved, even our counsellors. I feel the workshops are safe, fun and educational and we can’t wait for Focus Up to come back in the years to come.

Larrisa Grant
Day Camp Administrator
YMCA of Simcoe Muskoka Day Camps
The most important aspect to me is what the kids use long AFTER the workshops are over. Throughout the school year I watched students employ the techniques taught by Focus Up instructors again and again....techniques they used with confidence and the safety of their acting partners in mind. Simply stated, Focus Up did a terrific job with our students.

Michael Halfin
Program Coordinator
Arts Huron Regional Arts Program
Your style is relaxed yet in control which allowed the kids to connect with you in the ideal way. The content was delivered in an interesting way that engaged them and allowed them to learn. The workshop was without question the best that our group has ever had.

Rhonda Martin
Youth Group Director
Whitby Courthouse Theatre